The World’s 2nd Smallest Pocket-Size Radio-Controlled Micro Car


Introducing the world’s 2nd smallest pocket-size radio-controlled micro car from Japan – Bit Char-G (pronounced as ‘bit charge’). Adaptation of mobile phone ‘vibrator’ technology into the development of this cutting-edge ultra-miniaturized motor allows the Bit Char-G to have an overall length of only 60 mm (2.25”); so small that you can maneuver it on your desk around coffee mugs, keyboard & other objects.


A full 45-sec. charge on its NiCad battery enables a 2-minute run
Integrated recharging station on the controller itself w/ retractible antenna
Fully yet easily customizable & upgradable w/ various models of engines (ie: motors), tires (soft, med. & hard) & bodies (color, car model).
Simple & straightforward assembly required. Each box includes body, R/C chasis, motor & controller
Multi-frequency so race w/ up to 3 other Bit Char-G w/ DIY tracks
Play soccer by using the Bit Char-G as players
Controller requires 2x AA batteries (not included)

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