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PyroPro 256 MP3 / Mass Storage Device for the Palm V/Vx Handhelds

PyroPro 256 is an add-on MP3 / Mass Storage Device for the Palm V/Vx handhelds. The PyroPro 256 is equipped with a microphone for voice recording using the PyroMic application. The PyroPower application allows for the PyroPro to charge the Palm V/Vx from the 2 AA Batteries in the PyroPro. The PyroPro 256 comes with 256MB of internal flash memory. Additionally, the PyroPro functions as a removable hard drive. When plugged into the USB port on the PC, the PyroPro is recognized as a removable hard drive in Windows Explorer, which allows simple drag and drop capabilities to transfer files between PC and PyroPro, including MP3 files.


Player Specifications:
Storage Media: 256MB Internal Flash Memory
Playback Content: AAC, MP3 and WMA
Data Rate: Mono, Stereo 16-320kbps
USB PC Interface 3 seconds per MB transfer rate
Serial Cable Interface to the PC allowing the Palm V/Vx to HotSync with the PC without the Palm cradle
Headphone Output: Stereo Minijack
Batteries: 2 AA, 24 hours (included)
Dimensions: 3”x4 3/4”x5/8” Weight: 3.1 oz. w/o Batteries
Ability to function as a stand alone player without the Palm
Player Controls:
1 Programmable Button



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