FrogPad Introduces New Single-Handed Keyboard


FrogPad L.L.C. of Houston, Texas has announced availability of an ultra-portable keyboard and data entry method, the FrogPad mobile keypad. Designed to give users a practical way to enter data with portable communication tools such as cell phones, handheld PC’s and PDA’s, the FrogPadTM mobile keypad sets a new standard in mobile information access and entry.

The FrogPad has been designed for fast data entry. The letter layout is based on the percent usage of each letter in the English language. Fifteen letters that are used 86% of the time by typists are placed in the most efficient locations on the keyboard. It was also designed using the natural drumming motion of the hand. The letter layout is optimized for other languages, thus scaleable internationally. Based upon initial usability studies, this new modality of typing can significantly reduce the time new typists take to learn traditional touch-typing. These studies have found that an average person learned to “Touch-type” 40 words a minutes within the first 10 hours of practice.

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