Wireless Audio Visual Email aka W.A.V.E. Link


Passing notes in class has already been passé for a few years, and it’s not because kids are getting more attentive and well behaved. Zipping text between handhelds is just so much more discreet than the old tear, fold, and scribble way of doing things. And the sender doesn’t have to hope the two kids between him and the addressee won’t read the note or worse, rat him out. Now, just in time for back to school shopping, comes the W.A.V.E. Link from Kessel Electronics. It not only can wirelessly zap text from unit to unit, but also snarky photos from its camera and audio clips from its microphone and speaker! And never mind the confines of the classroom, these babies have a 1,000 foot reach. W.A.V.E. stands for “Wireless Audio Visual Email.”

Perhaps most frustrating to disciplinarians is that the electronic class clowns are likely to be shielded from reproach by their good grades if they exploit the other strengths of their gadgets. W.A.V.E. Links are real, touch screen personal digital assistants with a email capabilities, and contain a calculator, calendar and to-do-list organizer, and an address book. All of that structure, which can be linked with a PC, should keep homework assignments rolling in on time. That is, unless kids get addicted to wireless head-to-head games built into W.A.V.E. Link.

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