Slim Devices SliMP3 Ethernet MP3 player


image_62161_largeimagefile Slim Devices SliMP3 Ethernet MP3 playerThe SliMP3 (Slim-‘pE-‘thrE) is an MP3 player that streams music over Ethernet from your Linux PC. It features a powerful, easy-to-use, heirarcical browser interface, allowing you to quickly browse through your music collection from the convenience of a remote control. Its large vacuum fluorescent display is bright and readable, and the sound quality is second to none. SliMP3 gives you the convenience of enjoying music in any room of your home – thanks to it’s small form factor, you easily place it in your stereo cabinet, on a shelf, or even on your bed-side table. Standard RCA outputs let you connect it directly to any stereo receiver. Imagine enjoying your MP3 collection on those big speakers in your living room, away from the distractions of fans, hard drives, and the occasional blue screen of death!

This is not just another bare-bones PC, dressed up as a HiFi component – it is an entirely original design, from its unique user interface to its revolutionary microcontroller-based Ethernet/IP architecture. The hardware and firmware were designed by Slim Devices specifically for high speed embedded Internet applications, including multimedia streaming, data acquisition, remote control, and surveillance. The SliMP3, our first product, combines this embedded Internet architecture with our open-source MP3 server to bring you this most elegant and useful Internet appliance.

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