ART’s Voice Recognition Engine Included in Panasonic Cellular Phones


ART, Advanced Recognition Technologies Inc., a global leader of Voice and Handwriting Recognition technology, today announced the signing of an agreement with electronics giant, Matsushita Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. According to the agreement, ART’s software will be integrated into Matsushita’s new TDMA cellular phones to be marketed under the Panasonic brand name in the US.

The choice of ART as Matsushita’s voice recognition software for their reentry into the US mobile phone market further enhances ART’s position as the field’s leading voice recognition technology provider. Ideally suited for cellular phones, smARTspeak’s award-winning, ultra-compact embedded software was among the first to be successfully deployed world wide. The latest version will be deployed in Panasonic’s TDMA cellular phones, expected to be available this fall.

“ART’s being chosen by Panasonic for their cellular phones is a great confirmation of our technology,” said Yakov Shulman, ART’s VP Sales. “ART’s software can provide users exceptional value in handset voice features.”

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