Perception Digital’s unique Digital Signal Processor MP3 JukeBox

Perception Digital’s unique Digital Signal Processor MP3 JukeBox


image_62461_largeimagefile Perception Digital's unique Digital Signal Processor MP3 JukeBoxWith Perception Digital’s unique Digital Signal Processor (DSP), users can enjoy the convenience of directly encoding MP3 music WITHOUT the use of a computer. The DSP can also provide different types of sound effects to bring out the best quality in MP3 music.

There are 2 types of recording quality available, MP3 quality and voice quality. Music from CDs, cassette tapes, vinyl records or other sources can be recorded into MP3 files via the analogue line-in.

With this unique product, radio programs can be directed recorded with your choice of MP3 or voice quality. Wheras, personal messages or interviews can be instantly recorded via its built-in or line-in microphone into voice quality files. Equipped with Perception Digital’s own digital processing power, even a portable unit can record MP3 songs without a computer!

Its special features include:

– MP3 &, voice recording
– Built-in microphone for instant recording of personal messages, interviews and important events
– Maximum storage flexibility with SmartMediaTM Card. (32MP- 128MP)
– MP3 files transfer from computer via USB port
– Long battery life of 8 hrs. for playing & 6 hrs. for recording
– Advanced radio management program allows user to personalize their favourite channels
– User friendly LCD display
– Cool design & accessories

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