Sharp Introduces New VL-AX1 Digital LCD View

Sharp Introduces New VL-AX1 Digital LCD View


Sharp Corporation announces the introduction into the Japanese market of the VL-AX1 Digital LCD ViewCam. The advanced zoom function of this high-tech digital video camera allows high-quality video and audio recording of distant objects.

The VL-AX1 Digital LCD ViewCam is equipped with a 23X Power Zoom Lens, which allows even the image of a child*2 standing approximately 40 meters (43.7 yards) away to fill the monitor screen. The camera’s high-sensitivity Zoom Microphone responds dynamically to the zooming in and out of the lens to pick up remote voices and sounds clearly. In addition, the VL-AX1 incorporates a 1.33 million-pixel CCD to shoot still pictures as well as video with enhanced picture quality. The camera’s industry-new image pickup system is combined with the 23X Power Zoom Lens, allowing users to capture far-away subjects with high-definition image quality and live-like audio presence.

The VL-AX1 offers a variety of PC connectivity functions, including still image recording on SD cards and multimedia cards and the ability to download video clips to PC and send them as e-mail attachments using optional PC software.

The VL-AX1 also features a human-engineered, centrally balanced design, allowing for a more stable grip and enhanced comfort with reduced jittering when shooting. Sharp offers the VL-AX1 as a full-featured yet easy-to-use video camera for the digital era. The company will continue to develop new innovative ViewCams that offer enhanced shooting, viewing, and creation.

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