Seiko ‘Me-ism’ ME100S Portable AV product


The name Seiko has coined, “Me-ism,” actually makes a kind of sense, too. ME stands for Mobile Entertainment, and an “ism,” according to my trusty dictionary, is “a distinctive doctrine, system, or theory.” The ME100S establishes a very attractive new entertainment system or ideology by offering up television, music, FM radio, and a digital photo album in one very cool handheld package. Aimed at the 20 and 30-something crowd, the ME100S has a TFT screen a little over 4 x 3cm, weighs 120g, and accepts SmartMedia cards. So it’s a television, it’s a radio, it’s an MP3 player, and you can even use it to bore the pants off your mates with your holiday snaps. The battery life is claimed to be 10 hrs for audio, 4 hrs for TV, 15 hrs for FM radio and 5 hrs for looking at your digipix. It handles WMA (Windows Media Audio) music files and dcf files for the photos.

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