Sneak Preview of Philips New Azalis 288

image_62628_largeimagefile Sneak Preview of Philips New Azalis 288Philips is a company that, like a lot of others, has tried with bigger or smaller fortune to push its way in a sector with few players, where manufacturers such as Nokia cover the 40% of the market. The Azalis 288 is one of the proposals of the Dutch company that tries to draw the professional users’ attention with an ample range of options. An essential line: this is the salient characteristic of the design of a cellular telephone that is not certainly excessively modern, even if the orange screen assures it an original aspect. Its dimensions are of 119x44x23 mm for 97 grams of weight; measures that for a modern telephone can be a little bit bulky.

The Philips Azalis 288 is a WAP telephone and this is the main characteristic of the model. It is possible to send SMS with icons (it includes 50 different icons) or sounds, while the carousel navigation menu shows only five icons simultaneously. It is possible to download melodies or to program them and it is provided with incorporated modem to connect it to a PC or laptop.

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