A Communicator for Asia and the U.S.


It’s not easy living in Asia or being a U.S. citizen if you fancy a Pocket PC communicator. The Siemens MultiMobile, the Sagem WA3050 and the Trium Mondo – they’re all GSM/GPRS communicators, but finally there seems to be an alternative for non-Europeans, created by Korean-based Mplustech. The ZeSSPalm Phone 2000 doesn’t even out the balance, but at least it prevents Europeans from having a monopoly on Pocket PC communicators.

Compared to the specifications of the other three Pocket PC communicators officially known, the ZeSSPalm Phone 2000 is also a regular powerhouse. Featuring the same processor as the iPAQ (Intel StrongARM 206 MHz), 16 MB RAM (expandable to 64 MB) and a monchrome display with 16 scales of gray it shoul be well suited for the communicator task. Even though most people nowadays prefer color displays, battery life is vital for a product that doubles as a mobile phone and a PDA, which makes a grey scale display a good choice – at least for those who seldom have the opportunity to recharge their device.

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