PDA integrates MP3, CCD Camera, with GSM Modules

Internet Appliance Box Corp. Ltd has announced its new CN001 PDA. The CN001 is based on Intel’s 206MHz StrongARM SA-1110 RISC processor.

The PDA runs on either Linux 2.4.0 or Microsoft’s WinCE 3.0 operating system. It has 32M of SDRAM and 16M of flash memory. The 240-by-320-dot TFT LCD displays up to 64,000 colors and supports touch-screen functions. The PDA supports audio record and playback of MP3 music or audio programs on the Web. Standard features include a microphone, a stereo speaker, an infrared port and CompactFlash slot. A CCD camera is optional.

In order to keep ahead of competitors, the firm has plans to integrate GPRS and GSM modules into its PDAs, said Thomas Lin, vice president.

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