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Kanakaris Wireless Announces First TV Channel Created for PocketPC And Wireless Environment

Kanakaris Wireless today announced the completion of CinemaWEAR-In-A Box(TM) software that packages the company’s proprietary CinemaWEAR encoding process into an easy to use application. Targeting both individual end-users and businesses, CinemaWEAR-In-A-Box can be easily loaded on any PC. The application allows the user to encode their own media through an easy to use graphical interface. Future extensions of CinemaWEAR-In-A-Box will allow the user to interact with media servers for the streaming of any media encoded using the application.

“CinemaWEAR-In-A-Box makes it easy to create outstanding online video without having to understand the technical aspects of streaming media. As the demand for a richer media experience is on the rise, this puts an incredible tool in the hand of the individual. CinemaWEAR-In-A-Box is easy to use and delivers outstanding quality. We are pleased to have the complexity of CinemaWEAR packaged into an application which can now be widely distributed,” said Kanakaris Wireless Chief Technology Officer Robert Wood.

Kanakaris Wireless, which showed the first movie with no download time over the Internet in 1995, now has the following applications available to enable the viewing of video in Internet enabled devices:

— CinemaWEAR — A multi-bandwidth encoding process for on-demand streaming. This process is showcased at http://www.CinemaPop.com.

— CinemaWEAR LIVE — A live streaming encoding process which is in beta testing for the upcoming http://www.AK.TV, a 24/7 interactive TV channel.

— CinemaWEAR DVOD — A process preparing video for downloading to be watched offline.

— CinemaWEAR-In-A-Box — Software useable by business or consumers to prepare their own video for use on the Internet.



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