Tel.Me. Announces their first GPRS Mobile Phone

image_63006_largeimagefile Tel.Me. Announces their first GPRS Mobile PhoneTel.Me., Austria’s first manufacturer of mobile phones, MP3-players and internet devices, announced a world premier for the late fall. With it’s GPRS mobile phone model T911 Tel.Me. wants to advance into the high-tech league of the mobile phone elite. The young company is launching with the T911 it’s “Skyscraper” series, which captivates through futuristic design and brilliant technology.

Despite it’s mere 90 grams, this multimedia device is no lightweight. The higher-than-average GPRS data transfer rate (85,600 bits/s) is achieved through 6 timeslots (Rx: 4, Tx: 2), which enables the truly comfortable use of WAP-services with the integrated WAP 1.2 Browser . Four hours talk time and 250 hours standby time are basic features, the T911 additionally offers voice dailing. The full featured organizer represents the brain of the T911. Appointments, games and the browser and more are administered here. For leisure time the Tel.Me. GPRS mobile phone offers an interface to an MP3-player as well as to a Bluetooth headset for under way. The Tel.Me. T911 is thus a compact companion in everyday life.

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