Archos Jukebox CDRW-MP3 Player / Recorder


image_63127_largeimagefile Archos Jukebox CDRW-MP3 Player / Recorder” Archos has always been known for their smaller than average external drives. They recently jumped on the MP3 bandwagon with the Jukebox 6000, which is a very impressive MP3 player, indeed. The newer Jukebox CDRW-MP3 player offers a lot of technology in one compact unit. This unit functions not only as a stand alone MP3/CD player, but also a 8x4x32 CD-RW drive as well. Our only concern is the portability of this unit. Archos states that the power is supplied by the included 12V AC Adapter. So, it doesn’t work on batteries? This sounds like a huge mistake to us. Sony supplies a rechargeable battery in their similar Digital Relay. We have contacted Archos and will update article if the Jukebox CDRW-MP3 actually uses batteries.

As for the MP3 operation, the Archos is like many other CD/MP3 players. It has a backlit LCD for up to 12 lines of characters. The display and most of the players buttons reside on the top of the unit. It also supports files encoded from 32-320kbps and VBR MP3s. You can even encode real-time and choose between 30 and 160 kbps. ”

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