FS-1 Fitness Speedometer


Humans have always measured athletic performance, but never before has it been possible to accurately track the human stride. When running or walking, stride length is highly variable due to changing speeds and conditions. Conventional pedometers assume a fixed stride length, leading to inaccurate results. FitSense’s patented foot sensor automatically adjusts to each stride to give a highly accurate measure of pace, distance, speed and caloric expenditure. A wireless, digital link sends the data from the foot sensor to the watch. Your world moves fast.

FS-1 tracks your pace, distance, calorie burn and heart rate as you run or walk on the open road. Clip the lightweight Foot Pod onto your shoe, strap the watch onto your wrist and you’re on your way! FS-1 tracks true speed and distance, not just step count. See your progress at a glance with the ergonomically designed wrist watch. FS-1 motivates you to go faster and farther. Smarter training enhances your performance and helps you avoid injury. Plan, chart, and analyze your workouts on-line. FS-1 is the ultimate training tool for runners and walkers.

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