Pioneer Happy AQUA Water Proof Speakers

image_63201_largeimagefile Pioneer Happy AQUA Water Proof SpeakersNow your speakers can get as wet as your little sister’s choice in music and there’ll be no harm done. For some unfathomable reason (ho ho), Pioneer have decided that none of us can truly live without a high-tech, shiny, plastic, transparent bag. Enter the Happy AQUA, which, as the name suggests, is at home in water as it is on land.

A kind of amphibious music solution, Happy AQUA is a clear plastic case housing 2 speakers that, once you hook it up to a suitable MiniDisc or CD player, becomes an underwater boombox for the bathroom chucking out a fairly underwhelming 4 watts of music power. With an estimated price tag of $25 to $40 USD and available in pink, blue, or white, the Happy Aqua speaker bag is cheap enough to use in any damp place of your choosing.

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