Optrex Develops 65,000-Color STN-LCD Panel for Mobile Devices


OPTREX has developed its proprietary Active MLA (A-MLAAActive Multi-Line Addressing) technology by combining a new LCD 65,000 colors video-capable high-speed driving method with highly reflective LCD panel technology for the mobile device applications with a reflective color LCD system called “Super STN”. With the mass production of new driver ICs starting from July, 2001, mass production will be possible as an liquid crystal display system. This technology will be used for cellular telephone applications from fall/winter 2001 new model introductions and is being warmly accepted by wireless service carriers and handset makers.

The new panel has three features: (1) it uses the “active multi-line addressing” driving method that has been developed by improving the existing MLA method for moving pictures. The new driving method has a multi-color feature and high response time, with an average response time of 60ms; (2) it has enhanced contrast and hue ratios enhanced, with a reflection ratio of 50 percent, improved from 25 percent; and (3) it has a low power consumption of 2.5mW in standby mode that was realized using the active MLA driving method.

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