Preview of the Philips Fisio 610


image_63235_largeimagefile Preview of the Philips Fisio 610Already seen at the GSM World Congress of Cannes, Philips presents again at the CeBIT in Hannover another model dual band of its new production – after the leading one, the Xenium 9660 – provided with GPRS technology: the Fisio 610. Considering its characteristics, the terminal is targeted at both business and consumer users but that wants to have at their disposal the whole new technology at not a such elevated price. The models of Philips, at least those commercialized as of today, reliable telephones, devoid of aesthetical or “functional” frills but that dearly accomplish their duty. Despite the not big consideration of the public, in our opinion not justified, because of the prevailing of more titled brands, the terminal branded Philips, in general, rarely gives problems, and is, in any case, of good quality, guaranteed by a name that, in the electronics of consumption, gives only guarantees.

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