The 10GB Cellular Phone


Think the storage space available from the latest desktop PCs is impressive? Well, your cell phone may soon have its own 10GB hard drive. Last week, the Storage Device Division at Toshiba America Electronics Components (TAEC) announced two new high-capacity drives that measure only 1.8-inches wide; small enough to fit inside cell phones, PDAs, tablet PCs, and other handheld devices. Products using these drives won’t be available for several months, but while you wait, you can use similar 1.8-inch Toshiba hard drives-already on the market-in your notebook’s PC Card slot.

The new embedded 1.8-inch drives, one a 5GB model and one 10GB, should come off the assembly line in April or May of this year. Toshiba hasn’t said when the drives will show up in commercially available devices, but the company has discussed potential applications and product manufacturers. “Traditionally, we’ve been focused on the PC and networking markets,” says Amy Lian, business development director for hard drives at Toshiba. “But when it comes to these new drives, we’re talking to companies about building all kinds of different devices.”

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