USB Hard Drive Needs No External Power

image_63358_largeimagefile USB Hard Drive Needs No External PowerSparc Technologies, Inc. announces its newest product, the Rover personal hard drive (TM) (PHD), patent pending. The Rover PHD is a high-performance portable hard drive product specifically designed to connect to a computer using the USB interface. The Rover PHD is small enough to fit into your shirt pocket and needs no batteries or power adapters. Rover is a unique device that allows complete transportability of large amounts of data between computers. With Rover, computer commuters will no longer find it necessary to lug a laptop around because they need to access large files and programs. The data, and programs required to do the work can now fit in your shirt pocket and simply plug into the USB connector at home, as well as, work. Students will be able to store notes, research, and data as easily as plugging in a mouse. Simply plug it into a USB port and use — a true hot swappable plug and play device that is totally powered by the computer.

Rover PHD provides an easy method to extend the storage capacity and mobility of your laptop PC and desktop PC without using old-fashioned low capacity diskettes or removable disks (< 3 gigabytes) and worrying about other computers having the proprietary hardware. The Rover personal hard drive(TM) is currently available in 3, 6, and 10 gigabyte capacities.

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