New Linux Multi-Device on the Horizon


image_63419_largeimagefile New Linux Multi-Device on the HorizonThe Galleo is the first-of-a-kind mobile multimedia communicator based on the Linux operating system with integrated wireless voice and data functionality. The Galleo mobile multimedia communicator represents a dramatic departure from the traditional handheld wireless device concept, transcending PDA capabilities to provide a fully integrated wireless voice and data communication, combining the complete array of capabilities, tools and applications needed for mobile entertainment and work.

The Galleo offers maximal Internet ease and functionality. It features the industry’s first horizontal colour screen, a unique browser, “True Internet” with super-fast download capabilities. Combining full GSM/GPRS cellular functionality, Internet and corporate network security support, a fully integrated personal information manager (PIM), an entertainment centre for MP3, video and games, the Galleo provides a single essential tool for staying connected everywhere, all the time.

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