Agenda Computing Challenges Palm With Launch Of First Ever Pure Linux PDA


image_63573_largeimagefile Agenda Computing Challenges Palm With Launch Of First Ever Pure Linux PDACalifornia-based Agenda Computing will be the first company in the world to launch a pure Linux PDA (personal digital assistant) and lead the new revolution of futuristic, affordable Linux-based technology appliances while it prepares to challenge Palm in the war for market share. Ian LeWinter, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for Agenda Computing, said, “The VR3 is a quantum leap in handheld computing technology and outperforms similarly priced PDAs in every category–from its powerful processor and substantial memory, to the desktop-class operating system, Linux VR, this PDA screams cool. Not only did we supercharge the core of the VR3, we eschewed the boxy shape of the typical devices for an ergonomic design and inventive colors, including the worlds first transparent PDA.” On April 3, 2001, at Comdex Chicago, Agenda Computing will launch their line of VR3 consumer PDAs to the business-to-business and Linux community. Agenda Computing leads consumer electronics manufactures, including Sharp Electronics who speculates they will launch a Linux OS-based PDA in the future. As the first-ever developer of Pure Linux PDAs, Agenda Computing has set the tone for innovative, feature-rich and reasonably priced technology appliances featuring software and processing power of products retailing for hundreds of dollars more then the VR3 line.

Each Agenda VR3 and VR3r is loaded with unique software and hardware features, like 16MB of Flash memory, which eliminates the problem of data loss associated with RAM-based units, something unheard of in a $249 (MSRP) PDA. It also supports 7 languages, is e-mail compatible, and will send a memo or message to a printer by wireless infrared transfer. Even the colors are unique, with names like H2O for the first-ever transparent PDA, Shark for slate blue, and Matrix for black.

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