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World’s Smallest Digital Video Camera

Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) is pleased to announce the launch of the “GR-DVP3″ compact digital video camera in Japan. The camera is the most compact and lightest in its class in the world (body weighs approximately 340 grams) and features a full-flat, full-metal body.

The GR-DVP3 employs a user friendly design that is equally suited to right- and left-handed users. Its proprietary “super high-band processor” technology achieves approximately 520 lines of horizontal resolution. The “GR-DVP3″ also comes with an SD memory card slot which stores MPEG 4 video clips and still photographs for easy input into personal computers and attachment to e-mail.

The GR-DVP3 features a full-flat design, making it easy to carry and store. The camera is small enough to fit in a breast pocket. The full-metal body is made from magnesium alloy and aluminum, employing a sliding lens cover.

JVC developed its new DVC with the idea of creating a camera that could be easily carried around, which it defined as being “small enough to fit in a breast pocket.” However, compactness by itself is not enough. The “Pocket e-movie” GR-DVP3 was developed from completely new design concepts that aimed at creating an easy-to-use communications package. The use of easily operated “user friendly design” techniques helped to make the camera more portable, more easily stored and more robust. The GR-DVP3 also features a full-flat, full-metal body.

The GR-DVP3 is not only easy to use, it also looks good. The camera is designed to be compact enough to be carried anywhere, and was given a sleek fashionable body. You’d hardly know it’s a camera. Unlike video cameras, which tend to be used for important events only, the GR-DVP3 can be used to film interesting aspects of daily life and business much the same as a snapshot still camera.

JVC emphasized “communications” in its design, taking care to provide easy transfers of video data to e-mail, for example. The GR-DVP3 brings new areas of use to video cameras.



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