Sanyo Unveils the iDshot QuickTime Magneto Drive Camera


image_63679_largeimagefile Sanyo Unveils the iDshot QuickTime Magneto Drive CameraSanyo has unveiled a combined still and video digital camera that records in Apple’s QuickTime format.
The iDshot records to the new 730MB iD Photo magneto optical disk developed by Sanyo, Olympus and Hitachi Maxell, allowing up to 120 minutes of 160×120 resolution video at 15 frames per second or about 11,000 still images to be stored at 20Mbps.

At optimum performance the camera can shoot still images up to 1360×1024 pixels and, according to Sanyo, allows for high-speed consecutive shooting. Alternatively it can record video at 640×480 pixels at 30 frames per second, as fast as the US TV standard, NTSC.

The removable iDphoto disks are just 50mm in diameter and are priced at US$35, with UK availability and pricing yet to be disclosed. Images can be transferred to a Mac via a FireWire-compatible connection.

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