Duracell Introduces New Duracell Ultra CR-V3 Battery for Digital Camera’s


Duracell today introduced DURACELL® ULTRA CR-V3, the Company’s most powerful battery for today’s digital cameras. An extension to the DURACELL ULTRA line of photo lithium batteries, the most popular brand in North America, DURACELL ULTRA CR-V3 meets the power demands of the growing number of CR-V3 compatible digital cameras. It lasts up to twice as long as any other commercially available battery chemistry in digital cameras, delivering superior power to LCD displays, built-in flashes, built-in zoom lenses and auto-focus features.

DURACELL ULTRA CR-V3 offers a clear advantage over AA size rechargeable batteries because it does not lose its charge between uses and is “always ready,” even when the camera is idle for extended periods of time. In addition, DURACELL ULTRA CR-V3 does not require recharging, which many consumers perceive as an inconvenience. In CR-V3 compatible digital cameras, consumers are provided the convenience of choosing either DURACELL ULTRA CR-V3 or DURACELL ULTRA AA size alkaline batteries as a power source. DURACELL ULTRA CR-V3 also offers unsurpassed cold temperature performance, and is guaranteed fresh for up to ten years from the date of manufacture.

“With DURACELL ULTRA CR-V3, Duracell offers consumers a broader choice of ‘always ready’ portable power for the fastest growing device category. We are confident that DURACELL ULTRA CR-V3 will set a new standard for digital camera portable power,” said Rick Anderson, vice president, Duracell Global Business Management. “Our new battery is yet another example of our commitment to provide consumers convenient, longer-lasting solutions for the advanced power demands of emerging devices.”

Higher Performance Digital Cameras Demand More Power

The digital camera category is expected to grow at a rate of 35 percent per year, with digital cameras accounting for more than 50 percent of new camera sales by 2005. As camera features evolve and power consumption increases, camera manufacturers are seeking better power options to design into their newest models. At least 22 models of digital cameras sold in the U.S. are CR-V3 compatible, including new models from Olympus and Casio.

“The introduction of DURACELL ULTRA CR-V3 photo lithium batteries allows consumers to trade up from other battery chemistries to superior power performance in Casio digital cameras, such as our new QV-3500 3.34 megapixel model,” said Gary Rado, president, Casio USA. “We are also designing our cameras around the CR-V3 form factor to provide consumers the choice of DURACELL ULTRA CR-V3 or DURACELL ULTRA AA size alkaline batteries as their power supply.”

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