Sony to Sell Mobile CD-R/RW Drive with Music-Playing Function


Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. will start selling on March 1 a mobile CD-R/RW drive called “CRX10U,” which can also play music CDs.

The CRX10U can be used as a portable music player as well as an external CD-R/RW drive, because it has a function to play music CDs and MP3-formatted files. The battery lasts a maximum of about 2.5 hours for playing music, and two hours as a CD-R/RW for writing.

It has a maximum 6x reading speed, and a maximum 4x writing speed, when connected by USB interface.

The size of the device is 132mm wide by 189.5mm deep by 25mm thick, and it weighs about 340g. The price is open, and its retail price should be around $390USD.

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