A.I. Exhibits Bluetooth-Compliant Visor Prototype


Devices based on Bluetooth, a standard for wireless communication, by A.I. Corp. are drawing visitors’ attention at the exhibition zone for sponsors of “NET&COM21,” named “Frontline of the Networking.”

A.I. is demonstrating a personal digital assistant (PDA) named “Visor” produced by U.S.-based Handspring, and notebook PCs that are connected with Red-M 3000AS via Bluetooth. Red-M 3000AS is a Bluetooth-compatible access server produced by Britain-based Red-M, and A.I. brought it to the exhibition site. Visor’s Bluetooth module is the prototype produced by Handspring.

A.I. is developing protocol stacks based on Bluetooth. It also is supplying Red-M with protocol stacks based on Bluetooth. Red-M is a subsidiary of Britain-based Madge Networks NV. According to A.I., Madge’s Japanese subsidiary may handle domestic sales of Red-M 3000AS. Though nothing specific has yet to be decided, A.I. may also handle the product, the company said.

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