First look at the Sharp Telios 7000

image_63864_largeimagefile First look at the Sharp Telios 7000Will the Sony PictureBook finally have competition? A quick look at the new Sharp Telios 7000 might lead you to think so, but that depends on what you’re looking for. With only 32MB of RAM and running at 129mhz, the Telios 7000 has no where near the computing power of the Sony. But then again, the Telios is not a laptop. It’s more of a decked out palmtop with a built-in digital camera.

The Telios runs Enhanced Microsoft Windows-powered Handheld PC 2000 software and it has Microsoft Pocket Office pre-installed. Telios was built to accommodate people who either do business presentations or want the features of a laptop but not all the bulk. The 7.1 inch TFT screen (800×600 pixels) provides a bright and clear display, and the with the RGB output cable, the Telios can even be connected to a LCD projector or CRT display for higher quality presentations.

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