Women Can Keep Track of Ovulation Cycle With This Phone

For women who want a truly personalized phone, why not get a phone that predicts your ovulation cycle?

Probably a first in mobile bio-calculation, Samsung’s CDMA SCH A360 handset, labeled the Queen Phone, is a 79g (with slim battery) lipstick-red clamshell. Its silhouette is a slim 70 x 48.5 x 19.9 mm.

The “Queen Phone” is a dedicated Lady Phone with features specially designed for Females, which include calorie calculating, ovulation period checking and direct access to female website. It supports HSPD(High Speed Packet Data service) data transmission. In addition, Queen Phone features photo album, slides and business card making. The SCH-A360 has Internet browser, automatic phone lock, games and other Personal Information Management (PIM) functions.

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