Fujitsu’s Biblo Loox T Shines Brightly


“While we can’t speak in detail of how the Biblo Loox performs during everyday computing tasks, we can definitely attest to its’ drop dead gorgeous shiny metallic looks. During Comdex Ali labs had one of the twin Biblo Loox on display to promote its’ M1535 south bridge chipset. Needless to say it caught our attention, and that of just about everyone who passed by. Incidentally the Ali M1535 has shown up in just about every Crusoe application we’ve seen to date (Linux fans take note if you are looking to install 2.4 on your Crusoe system).

Chained down the desk and under bright lights the Loox T looks totally different from the dull plastic looking press photos which had previously been circulated. Fujitsu has obviously spent a lot of attention and money to make the outwards appearance of the Loox T as eye catching as humanly possible. The unit is smaller than a typical notebook, but larger than Sony’s Crusoe offering.”

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