Novatel Wireless adds GPS to Lancer 3W


Novatel Wireless, Inc., a leading provider of wireless data access solutions, announced today the immediate availability of a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Module for its Lancer 3W™ Wireless 3 Watt Modem, which is used extensively by Public Service professionals. With the additional capability afforded by GPS technology, the Lancer 3W Wireless Modem can dramatically improve response time for emergency personnel and can heighten officer safety. Developed with large and medium sized Public Safety organizations in mind, the Lancer GPS Module can be added to existing Lancer 3W Wireless Modems by any technician, installer, or IT professional. The Lancer GPS Module is sold as a separate upgrade module to the Lancer 3W Modem at a cost of $399 or as a factory installed combination retailing at $975. A simple application comes with both, which provides customized GPS status information and the ability to set GPS updates based on distance, time, or speed of the vehicle.

“Combining GPS with the power of the Lancer 3W Wireless Modem allows Public Safety professionals at a dispatch center to track the positions of all vehicles on a computer screen,” explained Matthew Yubas, product manager at Novatel Wireless. “During a 911 call, for example, the dispatcher can use position information to determine which is the closest available vehicle. Then the dispatcher can send routing information to that vehicle’s portable computer to display the quickest route to a destination. We believe that the price is cost effective, the product is reliable both in keeping a connection and in accurately establishing location, and the proven rugged characteristics of the Lancer 3W make it the best choice for any harsh physical environment on the road. Moreover, the Lancer GPS Module and its software are easy to install, and are fully supported for both setup and diagnosing problems.”

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