Mobile phones linked to eye cancer


A group of scientists claim to have discovered a link between mobile phone use and eye cancer.

Research by the team at the University of Essen in Germany found that people who regularly use a mobile are three times more likely to develop cancer of the eye.

The scientists examined 118 patients who each suffered from uveal melanoma — a cancer which grows in the iris and base of the retina of the eye. They compared the mobile phone use history of this group with the history of a control group of 475 people.

Analysis of the results found that those with cancer had a much higher rate of mobile phone use.

However Dr Andreas Stang, who led the team of researchers, does caution that the study needs to be confirmed, according to the Sunday Times which reported the discovery as the first scientifically proven link between mobile phone use and cancer

This is the first time that a scientific study has found a “definite” link between mobile phone use and cancer. In December, an American study into a possible link between mobile phone use and cancer failed to find a connection, but did suggest that more study over a long time-span was needed.

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