Philips Launches Touch-Screen Display That Provides Wireless Internet Access


Philips Electronics NV launched a mobile touch-screen display that gives users wireless Internet access.

The Dutch electronics giant said the liquid-crystal display would help create thin, light wireless Internet appliances. It said it had achieved the development by building into the display a system board for Internet access and software drivers that support an operating system.

Philips also said the new display would significantly expand mobile versatility, make appliances as much as 30% thinner than those currently available and increase display quality by reducing brightness and light reflection.

The displays will be delivered in the second quarter to manufacturers, which are likely to bring the first new products to the market in the second half of 2001. These products will likely include flat mobile displays capable of downloading streaming video.

Philips said it expected to lose 45 million euros ($42.8 million) a year in patent income for the audio compact disc it developed almost two decades ago with Sony Corp. when patent rights in Europe and Asia expire later this year. Its patent rights in the U.S. are valid for another five years. Philips said it expected to offset the loss of revenue through increased sales of DVDs, CD recordables and CD rewritables.

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