MachZ all-in-one Linux Chip


ZF Linux Devices, Inc, is announcing its ultra-low power (< 1/2W @ 133MHz) MachZ PC-on-a-Chip with a software suite that includes a fully implemented PhoenixBIOS™ from Phoenix Technology and a choice of a customized Linux implementation or the WindRiver VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS). Every MachZ Integrated Development System includes Red Hat Linux 6.2 and LynuxWorks BlueCat™ Linux and the LynuxWorks™ development tools for creating compact custom Linux embedded applications. OEMs no longer have to pay costly license fees or go through the expensive and time-consuming requirement of porting third party software and searching for unique peripheral drivers. MachZ, with the FailSafe™ System is the only X86 PC-on-a-Chip that boots autonomously on application of power and can operate even if system DRAM and Flash are unavailable. The groundbreaking crash-immune PC-on-a-Chip is the only device available that ensures successful on-line software upgrades. Using its patented FailSafeô System it allows upgrades over the Internet while eliminating the possibility of irrecoverable crashes. "The MachZ PC-on-a-Chip is the only device that boots on power-up even if all external system software has been corrupted or is inaccessible," stated David Feldman, CEO of ZF Linux Devices. "Using its proprietary Z-tag™ interface, the MachZ can re-program system Flash at a quick 2M-bits per second, rather than the usual 19.6Kbaud, reducing potential downtime dramatically," he continued. MachZ integrates a PhoenixBIOS and customized Linux implementation or VxWorks RTOS tailored to the MachZ's unequaled set of traditional PC hardware features including PCI, ISA and Access (I2C) buses, serial and parallel I/O, floppy and hard disk controllers. It also contains a host of patented features specifically created to solve the problems faced by designers of OEM products when integrating PC functionality. ZF Linux Devices' introduction of the MachZ PC-on-a-Chip brings to market the lowest power and most feature rich X86 PC-on-a-Chip ever introduced. The MachZ was designed from the ground up to resolve the issues necessary to create crash-immune PC compatible embedded applications and offers the lowest total PC system cost in the embedded market. The auto-bootable PC-on-a-Chip incorporates an internal redundant boot mechanism that allows full recovery even when system BIOS is corrupted (FailSafe Boot), a high-speed serial access to Flash that allows field or factory software downloads at more than 100 times normal speeds (Z-tag), a proprietary chip select control mechanism that eases x86 system integration (ZF-Logicô) and Dual Watchdog Timerô technologies. The chip is a .25 micron technology device in a 388BGA, 35mm x 35mm package. It is targeted to be the enabling technology for the rapidly growing market for Internet devices, information appliances, and other products in the 'post-PC era'.

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