Apple Watch: Latest Information on Release Date, Price and Features (And Two Things to Watch Out For)

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Apple products, the reality is, we all love them, well almost all. Regardless of your opinion about them, there is no question that Apple fans are by far the most crazy, loyal, passionate promoters for their products in the technology industry. And, while Apple may be considered one of the best American products, these “one a day” recommended fruit products ...

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Taylor Swift Buys Porn Websites and Adult Domains

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Taylor Swift, the 25 year old and a 7 time grammy award winner, has gotten into a new industry, Porn! She has just bought TaylorSwift.Porn and TaylorSwift.Adult websites. Buy Why? Taylor has made a reputation for being an awesome singer and making wonderful music, and contrary to many other of her colleagues who end up in reckless behavior and throw ...

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T-Mobile Offers To Pay $650 For Your AT&T Or Verizon Smartphones. Get the Details Here.


T-Mobile has a mission, they are going to do everything it takes to pull customers away from AT&T and Verizon. They just launched a crazy new offering where they will pay off your entire balances owed on any financing that was originated to buy any smartphones or tablets. It seems really enticing for many folks as this could be a good ...

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Solar Impulse, World’s First Solar Airplane, Breaking Record By Flying Around the World Without Any Fuel (VIDEO)


This is history in the making,  Solar Impulse 2 is going to be the world’s first fuel free solar airplane to fly around the world. The world has always faced tons of challenges but the human race continues to push all boundaries of creativity, technology and spirit for finding new solutions. The Solar Impulse, is one such undertaking by Bertrand Piccard and André ...

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Nintendo Makes a Huge Move and Finally Enters Mobile Gaming Market


Wow, this one is huge in the Mobile gaming market. Nintendo has finally made the big move to enter and deliver mobile games and move to other handheld devices, that include smartphones and tablets. Nintendo is not a fast moving company, it resists change big time and while they have been a top leader in the portable video game market, they ...

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President Obama Plays Football with Japanese Robot (VIDEO)


President Obama Plays Football With Japanese Robot Asimo U.S. President Barack Obama President had a great time playing soccer with a Japanese robot ASIMO. ASIMO, the Honda Robot, looked like a 10 year old dressed in an astronaut suit having a lot of fun showing multiple things he could do to impress the President, including challenging him to kick the football with him. ...

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This Is Not A Photo Of Morgan Freeman (Video)

morgan freeman 1

A painting of Morgan Freeman

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Awesome Photos Shot In The New Grand Theft Auto V


Pictures taken in the new version of Grand Theft Auto V

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Nestle Working On A Fat-Burning Drink


Nestle making a fat-burning drink

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This Diamond Hashtag Ring Costs $825


A diamond hashtag ring

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus Camera Issue (Video)


iPhone 6 Plus' camera has an issue

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BLU Studio 5.0 C HD Costs Just $109.99 At Amazon (Offer Available Today Only)


BLU Studio 5.0 C HD available at a discount on

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This GoPro Video Will Show You How Hard Downhill Mountain Biking Is


Downhill mountain biking from the perspective of the rider

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Samsung Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge Concepts (Video)


Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge concepts

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Goldfish Tea Bags


Take a look at the new goldfish tea bag

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